Tom Dolan for Sheriff

Tom Dolan has spent the last 30 years helping people in Edgar County learn how to be safer. “As a police officer, I help keep people safer. As Edgar County Sheriff, I’ll help keep our county safer!” 

– “I’ll Work to Increase Patrol.” I’ll lead by example. I’ll also expand the Part-Time and Auxiliary Deputy programs. We have to have more coverage.
– “I’ll Work to Make our Schools Safer.” We need to increase our visibility while the kids are coming and going. I’ll also work to increase awareness of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

– “I’ll Work to Stop the Drugs” by working more closely with other agencies and bringing back a Drug Task Force, to help stop the Heroin, Meth, and Synthetic Marijuana that keeps coming into our area.

– “I’ll Work to step up DUI Awareness” of the dangers & consequences of Driving under the Influence, especially with our kids!

– “I’ll Work to have our own highly trained Hostage Rescue Team” here in Edgar County. We shouldn’t have to wait hours for this kind of help to come when we need them. 

– “I’ll Work with our County Board” to make and follow a reasonable budget, that includes more patrol, fleet maintenance, and the necessary jail repairs while we plan for the future.

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