Big News, Really?

I’d like to make a few comments about the most recent successes of the ECSD, specifically the burglars that were caught on video.

I’m very happy that they identified the suspects. I don’t think it warrants taking a couple of victory laps, however. Especially now, before an election.

This shouldn’t be big news. It should be routine. Crimes being solved should be a normal occurrence.

Great job to the owners who had the foresight to place the cameras. But it was actually normal police procedure to look for video, catch screen shots, and utilize social media to broadcast the information to a wider audience.

It was a tip from an individual who recognized and spotted the vehicle, and got the license plate. That was relayed to a deputy, which led to identification of the first suspect.

Sure, the deputy followed through, and they interviewed the suspect, but this is what should be happening all the time. But there are dozens of crimes that never got solved. Dozens of complaints that were never followed up on.

Perp walking a twice-arrested suspect on drug charges just so you can get your picture in the paper is pretty desperate.

And once again, if you ever see my name on a departmental Facebook page post, you can be certain that I actually wrote it.

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