Courthouse Security

Did you know that the Sheriff’s Courthouse Security Officer resigned recently? Let me tell you why.

Some time ago, an individual pretending to be a federal officer came to the Edgar County jail asking for “help” arresting some local officials. He was arrested himself, and is still awaiting trial.

This guy had an extensive target list. Some of those people are at the Edgar County Courthouse, so the Sheriff hired and deputized a well respected, retired officer to provide courthouse security.

But when this officer pressed the Sheriff to make needed changes, no changes were made. When the officer asked the Sheriff to provide the County ordinances on which they were basing their security, none were provided.

In his resignation letter, the officer stated that he was “starting into the third month and still waiting for changes.” He continued, “There’s been talk of what to do and changes that could be done, but very little action.”

What’s worse, he said that when he asked for the legal basis on which he was to provide security, he was told to “just fake it.” Seriously? Just fake it? In law enforcement, you don’t fake it. You enforce the laws! No wonder he quit.

I had to go up to the Vermilion County courthouse recently for a DUI case, and the security was significant. One entrance, with a metal detector, and armed security.

My understanding is that we have our own metal detector just sitting in the basement of our own courthouse. Why aren’t they using it? Does it work? Has it been tested?

You have my promise that as a working Sheriff, I will do everything I can to help secure the courthouse. I’ll visit surrounding counties to see what best practices they are following.

I’ll work hard to make things safer. I will take action. And I won’t ever tell anyone to “just fake it.”


Tom Dolan

2018 Candidate for Edgar County Sheriff

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