How We Can Pay For It

I’ve had a great response to my ideas, but occasionally, I’ll see a question about how we’ll pay for them. That’s fair. I’m happy to answer them.

But sometimes, they’re a little snarky. One person referred to “promises they (me) can’t keep” and “we don’t have the budget for anything.” O.K. Here you go.

It’s funny, the sheriff just found thousands of dollars to get himself a new pickup truck (grant not withstanding). I guess we had the money for that.

I’ve already proposed a used but fully equipped Indiana State Police Charger, ready for patrol for $5,000. That decision alone would have saved the taxpayers thousands.

My plan to increase patrol is pretty simple too, and doesn’t actually cost us any more money. We just have to reallocate some of the crazy dollars they are already spending on overtime.

According to the Prairie Press (Oct. 28, 2017), “for the last three years the sheriff’s department overtime has been approximately $140,000.” With $60,000 already on the books this year, O.T. will likely reach $90,000 for 2018. Possibly $100,000.

Is this the best use of your taxpayer dollars? Surely we can find room for a Detective somewhere in there, and increase our patrol at the same time, and the Deputies will still get some overtime. It’s the nature of the job.

I’ll dramatically increase the part-time roster too, so we have a deeper bench. This is very cost effective because when you’re in a jam, you get good, trained help, for a fraction of the cost.

I’ll also bring back the Auxiliary Deputy program and utilize them whenever appropriate. There’s very little cost associated with this, besides some training time, and equipment (clothing, radio, etc).

Regarding my approach to increasing our presence at the schools, it costs nothing to simply drop by before school, just to be there. It costs nothing to stop by and have lunch with the kids. All it takes is a decision.

Finally, you have me. I’ll be a hard working, and often patrolling Sheriff. If we can’t find that other officer to help cover a shift, I’ll do it. I like doing that. I’ll also be there for backup and extra coverage during the busy times.

However, there are a couple of things that I won’t do. I won’t disappear for 4 years and then start showing up in posts on the Sheriff page, right before the election. I won’t conveniently have my picture taken in a Federal arrest of someone we already arrested.

I won’t be hard to find either. If you call me, I won’t avoid calling you back. I won’t say I got a grant, if I didn’t actually write the grant. I won’t say “I’ve been involved every step of the way” unless I’ve actually been involved every step of the way.

Finally, when you see a Facebook post with my name on it, you can be absolutely sure that I wrote it myself, not someone else. I’m Tom Dolan, and I actually wrote this message.


Tom Dolan

2018 Candidate for Edgar County Sheriff

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