Vehicle Maintenance

Everyone knows you have to maintain your fleet of vehicles. The Edgar County Sheriff Department has NO vehicle maintenance records, but has already spent $19,700 in 2018.

They are already well over their $15,000 annual vehicle maintenance budget, in just the first seven months! Here’s their procedure as explained to me: “We don’t keep vehicle maintenance records. The deputies just tell us when there’s a problem, and they bring it in, and we just have it fixed.”

So far this year, the Edgar County Sheriff Department has spent $7,164 on a 2010 Black Ford Expedition and $6,452 on a 2010 White Ford Expedition, to keep them on the road.

But they’ve also spent another $3,477 on a 2011 Impala, and $1,664 on a 2009 Ford Expedition, that are still questionable. More money will undoubtedly have to be spent. Is this the best way to spend your hard earned tax dollars?

No Deputy should have to work without air conditioning, emergency lights, or working radios, or a secure cage, all of which have happened in these older vehicles. They need a regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance program, and a regularly scheduled vehicle exchange program.

In the meantime, dump the junk and get something serviceable for the short term. I easily found a newer, well-maintained, fully equipped, auctioned Indiana State Police Vehicle for just $5,000. You decide which makes more sense.

We need to bring back accountability and common sense to the Sheriff’s Office.


Tom Dolan

2018 Candidate for Edgar County Sheriff

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