Recommendation from a Paramedic/Firefighter

Recommendation letter for Tom Dolan, Candidate for Edgar County Sheriff.

As a Paramedic and a volunteer Firefighter I have worked with and recieved assistance from Officer Dolan while responding to and at emergency scenes. Officer Dolan always responds to every single medical call even if it seems minor, he’s right there every time we need him. From getting information or helping move a patient, Officer Dolan helps us without a question asked. One instance that keeps coming to mind is, I was on a scene of a house fire as a firefighter and another call came out in another community for an accident with multiple injuries and unresponsive patient. The fire apparatus I responded with was unable to be moved, and they needed additional ambulances at the scene. Without hesitation, Dolan gave myself and 2 other firefighters a ride to the other jurisdiction to get the other ambulance to respond with. Tom always checks up on first responders no matter what, especially after a very stressful and or unfavorable outcome. He always lends his ear and words of kindness. In my opinion, Tom would make an excellent choice as Sheriff. -Josh Pointer, Paramedic/Firefighter.

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