Recommendation Letter from an EMT

Recommendation Letter for Tom Dolan for Edgar County Sheriff:

I have been providing EMS service, volunteer and full time for a combination of 10 years in Edgar County both in the North and the South sections.

Over the past years, I have noted an extreme lack in law enforcement presence in this county. I have been in several unsafe situations where it took a deputy several minutes to get to me, or I have had to stage until one arrives.

I also am aware of how large our county is and how long it takes to get from point A to point B. However, one deputy or even two on at a time makes for longer wait times. What is it going to take for the sheriffs department to make sure the citizens and emergency responders are safe? I would hate to find out.

We have several schools in this county and all are wide open for disaster. No active shooter drills county wide have been done with EMS/fire agencies to insure a proper response and tactical care of patients. Running through an old building and or a training building is not proper training and comes across as a joke to most involved.

I feel the Sheriffs department should be working closely with the emergency responders to ensure safe and proper training for those kinds of situations. Training is no joke and should be done regularly and in a real time setting.

These are only a couple of my concerns regarding the sheriffs department. As a medical responder, on November 6th I will walk in to my voting booth and vote for Tom Dolan, in hopes that he will try his best to ensure better safety, good equipment, qualities and values within the Edgar County Sheriffs Department.

Sean Robison, EMT Basic

PCFPD EMS training Coordinator

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