Recommendation Letter from an Assistant Fire Chief

Recommendation Letter from Jason Burgess, Assistant Fire Chief, Chrisman Fire Dept.

I want to take an opportunity to tell you all about a great person who I personally feel would be an amazing sheriff for our community. I have been around Tom Dolan for many years as a student in his taekwondo classes in my high school years, as friend in his fitness center, and also as a Firefighter.

His willingness and determination to help anyone looking for or needing help is beyond compare. He’s always wanting to learn to make himself a better person, a more helpful person and whatever he can to make the community a safer better place for us, our kids and our families.

He truly wants nothing but the best for the sheriff’s department and its deputy’s. Their safety and accessibility for the best equipment is paramount to him. Because if they aren’t safe and have good safe equipment they can’t do their jobs effectively to keep us safe.

One of the things that really sticks out in my mind and my observational opinion is he isn’t doing this for a paycheck. He is doing this for us, the people. We have a choice this election.

We can stick with the same results as was pointed out by our current sheriff’s opening remarks in the last debate or we can go with some one who is striving to to do better for us and for the deputies.

These are just a few of my opinions on why I support Tom Dolan for sheriff.


Jason Burgess

Assistant Fire Chief

Chrisman, IL

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