Recommendation From A Deputy Sheriff


I don’t get on my social media accounts as much as I used to, but when I saw your election campaign it really caught my eye! It struck a cord because I couldn’t be more proud for your county! I am a full time Sheriff’s Deputy and I know how much a professional and strong leader can make a Sheriff’s Office a truly wonderful protector and resource for your citizens! Over my career, I have been extremely fortunate and have really tried to make a difference. Over the years, I still can’t forget our academy days together because without those days and you specifically, I wouldn’t be able to be the proactive community focused Officer I am today! It was you, Tom, that led our academy class! It was you, Tom, who pushed me mentally and physically when I had to retake my PT test! It was you, Tom, that every academy day, showed up squared away and strived to always be the best! So in closing it is you who I owe a portion of my success too, and it is YOU I would be voting for, because I know you will truly put everything into the job!

Good Luck and Thank You for your service!

Jeremy Kyle

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