Vehicle Maintenance

Everyone knows you have to maintain your fleet of vehicles. The Edgar County Sheriff Department has NO vehicle maintenance records, but has already spent $19,700 in 2018.

They are already well over their $15,000 annual vehicle maintenance budget, in just the first seven months! Here’s their procedure as explained to me: “We don’t keep vehicle maintenance records. The deputies just tell us when there’s a problem, and they bring it in, and we just have it fixed.”

So far this year, the Edgar County Sheriff Department has spent $7,164 on a 2010 Black Ford Expedition and $6,452 on a 2010 White Ford Expedition, to keep them on the road.

But they’ve also spent another $3,477 on a 2011 Impala, and $1,664 on a 2009 Ford Expedition, that are still questionable. More money will undoubtedly have to be spent. Is this the best way to spend your hard earned tax dollars?

No Deputy should have to work without air conditioning, emergency lights, or working radios, or a secure cage, all of which have happened in these older vehicles. They need a regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance program, and a regularly scheduled vehicle exchange program.

In the meantime, dump the junk and get something serviceable for the short term. I easily found a newer, well-maintained, fully equipped, auctioned Indiana State Police Vehicle for just $5,000. You decide which makes more sense.

We need to bring back accountability and common sense to the Sheriff’s Office.


Tom Dolan

2018 Candidate for Edgar County Sheriff

Patrol Matters. 

I’ve had some people ask me what kind of Sheriff I would be? If I’ll respond to calls, or help at accident scenes? Here’s my answer. 

Last Sunday night, I was on routine patrol in my squad, when I saw what seemed to be a lot of smoke for your typical backyard fire. I always drive by and check them out. This time, when I came through the alley and around the corner, it was an abandoned HOUSE on fire! 

The rear of the house was quickly becoming fully engulfed! I called it in, parked my squad, and went around the house to make sure it was indeed abandoned. I checked the house next door and gave radio an update, and then went back around the house. 

When the next officer arrived, we set up a perimeter to block off traffic and provide access to the seven fire trucks that ended up responding. A couple hours later, I ran three firefighters up North in my squad so they could get another emergency vehicle and respond to another accident scene. 

I went back to the fire scene, and then responded to a suspicious vehicle call that was driving around nearby with its lights out. I found them, stopped, and interviewed them, and got all their information. I then went back to the scene and stayed until the end, and then gave a statement and information to the fire investigator. 

A big shout out to all the firefighters and officers from other departments who responded. Thank you! Great job!

This is what we do. This is what I do. I’ll continue to answer calls, back up other officers, and continue patrolling. As my friend and mentor always taught me, the biggest part of policing is often just being seen, and driving around on routine patrol.
Routine patrol matters.

Thank You!

I want to thank everyone who voted Tuesday. It was a good start, and now we’re moving on to the election in the Fall. I’m humbled by your support, and promise I won’t let you down!

Primary Election Day

I wanted to take this last chance to talk with you before the primary. I want you to know that I’ll do everything I can to help keep our citizens safe. I’ll increase patrol; work more closely with the schools; and work hard to stop the drugs. Together, I know we can do this. Thank you for your vote!

Training Matters!

I worked patrol last night and am getting ready to go teach a Concealed Carry class to help keep people safe. Last week I was up by Chicago with dozens of other Police Officers, learning a special defensive tactics system to help keep officers (and their subjects) safe. This is the type of commitment I’ll bring to the office of Edgar County Sheriff. Thank you for your support!